Essex Skip Bags :

We are a fast and easy method to clearing your rubbish. A different way to remove your unwanted waste. 

With fast delivery and collection. As and when you need it.

Just A bag.

If you are looking to clear your rubbish but not quite ready to dispose of it yet, why not just buy the bag and contact us at a later date to arrange a pick up. (The price of the bag is deducted from the original price of collection. the bag itself is £9.95 and collection before deduction is £95. After bag deduction it is £85)

*Bags are taken and disposed of after collection. Purchase of just a bag is so collection can be purchased and booked at a later date, the bag isn't kept but must be disposed of once collection is booked.

Every bag is personally delivered to your door at a time most convenient to you. We aim to give you the best service possible when purchasing our product.

Bag and Collection.

The standard drop off and collection. We deliver the bag to your door then select a day for us to pick up the bag on a day that best suits you.


 *Bags are delivered and on collection taken with the rubbish. Then disposed of. Purchase of just a bag means collection can be purchased at a latter date then the bags are disposed of.

We are fully flexible and you can choose how long you keep the bag for and then organise a collection when you are ready.

Bag, assistance and collection 

If you are in need of assistance then we are more then happy to offer our services in filling the bags for you. If you don't have the time to fill the bags yourself or feel like you need a little hand then we can select a day to come and assist you. Then take them away the same day.

* Bags will be delivered and then taken on disposal. The bag is paid for and taken after collection is completed.

Prices vary depending on the amount of time required.

Why use Essex Skip Bags?

Essex Skip Bags is a company that helps to provide you with high quality bags at amazingly great prices. Whether it's needing your house cleared or just a small pile in your garden that you need removed. We are happy to help.

  • Dependable - We are fully flexible and offer our best possible service to you. Making sure we are always on time.

  • Fully Qualified - Our team is fully qualified to help serve you as best as we can. All fully licensed and certified.

  • Cost-Effective - Our prices offer you the best possible way for you to dispose of your rubbish safely and legally, while also offering the best possible price.

  • Easy - It's an easy service that keeps you in control of what you need and how you want it. You can choose what you want and how you want it.

Looking for something a bit different? Why not try our Man with a van service instead?

If you are looking for something a bit different we may be able to help you. We also run a fully certified Man With A Van service. With lots of fabulous reviews and happy customers. We even have a five star rating. 

When is Man With A Van a better choice? are you looking at clearing out a garage or moving house? With our team we can help take the weight off your feet and help you fly through the process with ease. With hundreds of happy customers we promise to offer the best possible service.

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Essex Skip Bags is trade Marked by Tony and waste license under tony lockhouse of lockhouse security.