A little bit about us.

Our goal is to help anyone and everyone in Essex with their clearance needs. We aim to provide the best possible service, while still giving you full control over what you need. The best part is still being able to save money and clear your rubbish.

In 2017 we had an idea that would change the way local people could dispose of their rubbish in Essex. Our business is different as we aim to help local people in a way big companies just can't. By keeping ourselves local, doing this means that we can keep ourselves small and still give you that big quality treatment. The way we operate is we keep it simple, you get your goods and we taken them away when needed. It's as simple as that. No fuss, no worries just an easy method that keeps us happy and more importantly you happy. Our beliefs are that a local business can give you more and still keep it small for the many happy customers so they know that a reliable, local company is there to help. Plus we are only up the road. The biggest deterrent for people is feeling like you are just talking to your computer and are going round in circles. The difference here is you have our personal number which we can answer 24-hours a day 7 days a week. The best part of it all is you are speaking to local people who are on the same level as you and understand the difficulties of needing to dispose of your waste in a way that's convenient for you. One major thing is the options we offer and the price. We also know that people love deals. Who doesn't? We also offer a great deal that if you buy two or more bags then we knock £10 off each full bag that we take away for you. Whether you are just in need of a bag for collection at a later date or needing a little more help, we are here to assist you. Our prices are 9.95 a bag and 85 for collection, then 9.95 and 75 for collection for any bags after that. So at 94.95 for the first bag and 84.95 for any bags after that you can't go wrong. So why not give us a call and book a bag as you won't regret it. 

We are a fast and easy method to clearing your rubbish. A different way to remove your unwanted waste. 

Essex Skip Bags :

With fast delivery and collection. As and when you need it.

Our promise to you :

. Service -  We promise to offer the best possible service no matter the cost.
. Morals - We promise to give you the best possible solution to removing your waste.
. Assurance - We know how much trust means to people and we promise to be as honest with you as we can.
. Locality - We promise to stay local to everyone in Essex as we know the importance of staying local.
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Essex Skip Bags is trade Marked by Tony and waste license under tony lockhouse of lockhouse security.